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WestWeek On-Demand Events


All pre-produced events are available on-demand
for your viewing pleasure March 24-25 at 9AM PT.

Flip through the Spring 2021 issue of our Content Newsletter to view the latest product from the PDC Showrooms!

On Being Fearless:
A Conversation with Exceptional Women in Design

WestWeek On-Demand Events

SUITE B-377 / B-619

HOLLY HUNT hosts design-world entrepreneurs Joan Behnke, Brigette Romanek, and Lori Weitzner in a virtual roundtable with design journalist Margaret Russell to discuss the creativity, business savvy, grit, determination—and joy—that drives their success.

Ahead of the Curve

WestWeek On-Demand Events


Interior designers David Netto and Brigette Romanek are the last word on style.  Join Dara Caponigro, Schumacher’s Creative Director, as she dishes with them about what’s most important in design, what’s coming next and why her new magazine, Frederic, is a must-read.

Outdoor Dining: The New Cultural Experience


Given the necessity to take dining to the great outdoors, selecting a refined experience that involves all the senses is of more importance than ever. It takes a carefully curated dining ambiance, including safe and exceptional service and notable cuisine, to make an outdoor restaurant environment far more appealing, comfortable and inspiring. How much creativity will restaurateurs be drawing upon to engage and entertain in the future? Take a journey with moderator Janice O’Leary, Editor-in-Chief of the Robb Report, leading interior designer of hospitality design, Kay Lang, restaurateur Larry Nadeau of Stone Edge Farm, restaurant interior designer Alexis Readinger, and architect turned artist Sandra Vlock, to redefine luxurious and culturally inspiring outdoor dining experiences like never before.

The Dream Home of Tomorrow:  Visionary Multifamily Housing in LA


Los Angeles is home to some of the most iconic residential architecture in the world. From Spanish Revival homes to the case study program and the freeform works of John Lautner or Frank Gehry, LA, without question, has it all. Now Frances Anderton and panelists Lorcan O’Herlihy, Richard Loring and Justin Riegler talk about what is next for housing in LA. Speakers will look back at iconic residences such as the Stahl house, which truly was once the dream for modern living–and forward to new models for multifamily living. Join us for an important discussion on the LA living experience for tomorrow.

Unexpected Outcomes

WestWeek On-Demand Events


Join S.Harris Creative Director, Jodi Finer and Shakoor Interiors Principal, Erin Shakoor as they talk about unexpected outcomes and the art of using materials that don’t, at first glance, appear to work together but somehow create interior magic.

CEU Presentation: Home Theatres & Beyond

WestWeek On-Demand Events


Join CinemaTech for a general CEU class covering acoustical treatments, sound isolation and designing a home theater.  In this course you will learn: What acoustical treatments are and why they are a must-have in high-end theater rooms, current theater trends, what sound isolation is and when it is needed for a home theater, room sizing and why it matters along with proper spacing of seating and sizing of room for ideal performance.

Two New Collections on View

WestWeek On-Demand Events


Join Karin Klein, Thibaut territory sales representative, as she previews two new collections with natural influence. Sierra, a collection of wovens that blend modern mountain lifestyle with worry-free Inside Out Performance Fabrics®. With nubby wool styles, soft chenilles and a faux leather, these fabrics add a sophisticated touch to lakeside lodges and tucked-away chalets. Then be surrounded by the beauty of nature with Natural Resource Volume 3, a collection of specialty wallcoverings made of natural materials that are exceptionally unique and tactile.

Transformational Design for Entertaining

WestWeek On-Demand Events


11Ravens, specializing in custom game tables, furniture, and more, presents the perfect entertainment experience. View a unique transformation of their most sought-after Stealth Table, a smart convertible furnishing that evolves from billiards to ping pong to dining with a simple switch. Explore 11Ravens high customization capabilities and luxury California made designs. In addition, visit the showroom by appointment from March 22-26 for a tequila and chocolate tasting. Appointments at

Explore Designers Guild at Osborne & Little

WestWeek On-Demand Events


Designers Guild’s Minakari fabric and wallpaper collections are inspired by the spirit of Indian decorative arts. Dazzling colors of cobalt, emerald, ruby and sapphire are tempered with softer, neutral shades of cinnamon, rosewood and dove grey while designs range from expansive inky renderings of exotic blooms and foliage to stylized and embellished ribbon stripes and more graphic shapes. View the collections virtually as they pair beautifully with three new plain/textured Designer Guild Essentials fabric collections.

The Latest Collection from William Yeoward

WestWeek On-Demand Events


William Yeoward was an avid collector. He collected things that amused, intrigued or inspired him. A lifetime of collecting, whether a scrap of antique fabric, a piece of Georgian glass, a dilapidated chair for its shape, form and detail or vintage pieces from a flea market for their patterns and colors, have left us with a rich archive to draw upon.  The result is the new Palenque collection of beautiful, printed patterns, rich artisan embroideries, woven stripes and geometrics.  View the collection virtually and see for yourself!

Virtual Tour at Mimi London

WestWeek On-Demand Events


The Mimi London philosophy has, and continues to be, to create, curate and offer some of the most unique and beautiful collections in the design industry. Style, form, beauty and comfort join our founding mission of responsibly sourcing our materials and methods to protect our environment and planet. Their focus is on organically-inspired luxury – in their own collection and of those artisans that they represent. Bespoke, made-to-order products, all with a soulful touch, paired with highly-personalized service are the hallmarks of the company.  Take a few minutes and tour the showroom – we hope to see you soon!

CEU Presentation: Designing a Custom Rug with Jennifer Kirchghessener

WestWeek On-Demand Events


As more and more of our world becomes automated, digital and mass produced, people’s lust and appreciation for the exclusivity and self-expression of custom design is surging. Designing a Custom Rug, provides an in-depth exploration about the craftsmanship and care using only high-quality, sustainable materials—something to be valued for decades. Furthermore you will gain a deeper appreciation for the advantages of custom rug design, understand how a custom rug design actually goes into production, and how to productively navigate the custom rug design process so you can become confident in your availability to incorporate these custom works of arts into your future projects.

New at Jasper Showroom

WestWeek On-Demand Events


The Jasper Showroom will be highlighting a few of your favorite vendors you have come to know and love as well as shining the spotlight on a few new vendors recently added to our lineup. Hartmann & Forbes will be launching new window and wallcoverings for Spring from Michael S. Smith.  Keith Fritz will be teaching a quick class on how to specify the perfect dining table and will also be highlighting his specialized finishes. David Copello, new to the Jasper showroom, will be giving an exclusive tour of his San Francisco Guild. Sanderson Design Group will be giving a presentation on Palladio for Zoffany. LA locals, Schuyler Samperton and Aesthetic Décor, will be talking to us about their lines designed and produced right here in Los Angeles.

Silver Linings: Pivot to Video
Wild on Design! Webcast Series

Out of necessity comes great creativity and staying connected to your industry clients.  Video is king as far as content goes… It’s the best way to promote and share your story or brand. Industry leader Meghan Reilly, founder of WestEdge Design Fair has a new video venture with an added layer you’ll want to hear about.

The Secret Life of Color: Understanding the Transformational Power of Color


Join Gillian Rose & David Dalton in the Ultimate Color Conversation.

Color is a phenomenon! Our responses to color vibrations are both universal and personal to each of us. We are all longing for tranquility and excitement – and perhaps not in that order. Any journey or experience is possible, solely by understanding how & why color makes you feel.  Let’s Color!

TAKING SHAPE: Community through Design

WestWeek On-Demand Events

ASID UCLA Extension announces the Summer 2021 launch of their new TAKING SHAPE: Community through Design lecture series. As part of the series, monthly guest speakers from across the country will discuss topics such as skill building, relationship building, career advice, portfolio development, and specialized design sectors, and the lectures will be made available online to their members and community. If you are interested in becoming more involved in this project, please contact the ASID UCLA Extension Board today.


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