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Custom VEP Portfolio Samples

2020 Brilliance Silver Award Recipient
COVID-19 Enrollment Category
InspirED School Marketers

K-12 Enrollment Events
2020 – 2021
Tarbut V’Torah

2020 Dragon Challenge
$177,000+ Raised
Dragon Kim Foundation

Step Two Choose Your URL CustomEvent

All URLs provide detailed analytics such as number of clicks, distribution per country, and more!

Step Three Choose Add-ons


Setup gated entry to your event with online e-ticketing and in-app  scanning at the venue.


Setup your preferred payment gateway and start reaching your fundraising goals in real-time.

Watch Party

Allow attendees to watch the event and see each other together online. Perfect for exclusive VIP viewer experiences.

Director's Cut Difference

Custom Virtual Event Webpage

Global Team

With teams distributed across three time zones, your event can be setup 2-3x faster than with a traditional agency. That’s 100% productivity time, even when  you’re sleeping.

Custom Virtual Event Webpage

Live Data Graphics

Add a layer of interactivity and engagement with dynamic on-screen content. Approve and add social media comments, a fundraiser donation progress bar, auction bid status, and more, all in real-time.

Custom Virtual Event Webpage

Cinematic Production Crews

Stand out with our unique production system that blends live event television production with digital cinema image quality. The best part? All of this can be done up to 100% remotely from anywhere.

Now You’re Ready to Begin

In fact, you’ve already completed Step One.