Virtual Live Streaming Event Production

Director’s Cut is a full service television production company utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to create an live streaming coverage on-site or across the world. Call us to expertly cover, produce and digitally deliver your webinars, live events, presentations & demonstrations to your audience.


Live Interactive Virtual Engagmenets

Introducting “LiVE” events. Mainatin custom coverage and directional control of your online meeting, webinar, show, and more with our LiVE system that operates remotely up to 100%. Using cutting edge technology, you can achieve broadcast level quality at the location and budget you need.

Platform Flexibility

Custom Zoom Meeting
Custom Skype Meeting
Live YouTube Streaming Service
Twitch Live Streaming Show Service

Our team can integrate with leading platforms such as Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, YouTube, Twitch, and many more.
Give us a shout today to learn how we can integrate into your existing platform and bring your show to the masses.


Virtual Live Shows

Each header and page style has something unique to offer. You’ll have fun finding something that suits your particular needs. Use this part of the site to list your software products and available packages. Ensure your product descriptions are both detailed yet clear.

live stream conference

Conferences & Presentations Host Remote Virtual Meetings

Bring your next town hall or product launch event online for an unlimited number of attendees. Generate productive meetings that will interactively connect your internal and external audience digitally, in real time.

Education Engage Your Participants

Live stream an interactive class anywhere in the world from wherever your computer or camera interface is. Leveraging platforms such as Zoom, your instructors can separate students into smaller discussion rooms, watch for raised hands, and more.

corporate live town hall
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Entertainment Launch a Game Show, News Channel, and More

Marketing teams and individuals will appreciate communicating in broadcast quality with your branded content, and now you have the capability to bring your vision to life. From competitive game shows to cooking shows, we’re ready to partner with you.

100% Remote Virtual Sets

Experience the sights and sounds of an in-person event by constructing a new virtual world for your online audience. Advanced technologies create photo-realistic, artistic, or completely customized worlds for your show or event to take place in.

Custom Zoom Meeting
Zoom Animated 3D Character

Real-time Character Animation

Your production is backed by a team of artists that can create custom characters with your internal or external teams and then broadcast them live!

Facial recognition technology puts the host in control of facial movements, body gestures, and head movement. Wow your audience with animated characters within a custom  Virtual Set.

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Advanced Professional Features

Take advantage of the many tools available for live production.

Remote Hosts

Bring in hosts, guests, and participants from anywhere in the world with an internet connection while maintaining direct communication with the production crew!

Images & Video Playback

Integrate provided images, video content, and professional presentations into your show.
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Engaging Presentations

Reach your audience with images, videos, PowerPoint, and guest speakers. Our team helps you present the content with you every step of the way.

Audience Interaction

Engage viewers with social media titles, live polls, Q&A, comments, and more! Our system efficiently centralizes and select comments from multiple simultaneous sources.

Custom Webpage

Include a custom landing page for your show. Offers the ability to view and download the stream, learn about the speakers or other important information.

Simulcasting Flexibility

Showcase your event on your favorite online platforms including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, and more, all at the same time!

Mobile Device Support

Making sure you can connect with your audience no matter their device preference. Hosts and audience members can tune in with their phone.

Monetize Your Event

Add in a paywall to view the show, take donations during or after the show, or allow the recording to be purchased.

HD Streams in real-time

Form an engaging live environment with hand raising, talk-backs, group integration, Q&A sessions, social media posts, and more!

HD Recording Copy

Your audience will be able to review the talks again or can catch up if they missed the show soon after the event ends.

CoVID-19 Adjustments

We are taking far reaching measures to lend a helping hand through this unusual and difficult time. Let us know if we can be of assistance.

Free Setup

We’ll integrate into your existing framework to make your event LiVE! Get in touch today to see how we can elevate your event.

Canon Large Format
Electronic Arts
UC Irvine Health
Observatory Santa Ana


Over the past 10 years, we’ve had the good fortune to have worked with many great clients, from national brands to emerging businesses. We’ve enjoyed tremendous success stories, from attracting millions of audience views, to building brands, to driving measurable, actionable metrics across the performance indicators that count the most.

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Live Production Package Pricing Choose Your Production Style

On-Site Production $1,150

Discover your potential audience reach with live production starting at:

Unlimited Viewers
1-24 HD Cameras
On-site Control Room
Multimedia Integration
HD Recording Copy
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Fully Remote $2,350

Enter a new era of production by creating a 100% virtual event with production starting at:

Unlimited Viewers
Remote Speakers
Integrated Image, Video and Presentation
LiVE Remote Control Room
Custom Graphics Packages
Custom Webpages
HD Recording Copy
Get Started
Hybrid Production $3,500

Leverage both remote and traditional production methods with production starting at:

Unlimited Viewers
Scalable Cameras
Remote Speakers
Custom Virtual Sets
Full Website Design
Multimedia Integration
LiVE Remote Control Room
Advanced Viewer Analytics
And more
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  • In this rapidly changing world, the need to get content online has never been more necessary. Companies, schools, and individuals around the globe are turning towards solutions to get their message out. While many of the well-known platforms work passably, we add the ability to shape the content and presentation of your event.

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